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Bringing Structured Financial Products to Everyday Crypto Investors

At YieldFort, our mission transcends mere profit-making

  • We are driven by a vision that encompasses the democratization of finance, innovation, and customer commitment.

  • We aim to make structured financial products, such as fixed yield and capital protection, accessible to everyday crypto investors.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Structured Crypto Solutions

    Our unique product offerings include fixed yields or capital protection for Bitcoin and Ethereum investments, making classic financial strategies available in the crypto space.

  • Innovation with Integrity

    We blend cutting-edge technology with time-honored financial principles, offering investment opportunities that are both pioneering and grounded.

  • Retail-Centric Approach

    We don't just cater to institutional players. Our solutions are tailored to provide retail customers with secure, accessible, and rewarding investment opportunities.

  • Safety and Transparency

    Your trust is paramount. Our transparent systems ensure that every transaction is secure and aligned with the highest ethical standards.

Our goals

  • Customer

    We concentrate on structured products with fixed yield and optional capital protection, ensuring predictable returns.

  • Innovation & Accessibility

    As a regulated entity, we ensure compliance with 
the appropriate legislation, providing a trustworthy and secure investment environment

  • Ethical

    Our platform offers a streamlined and intuitive interface, ensuring simple and efficient navigation for all users, regardless of their investment experience.


  • YieldFort is a platform that utilizes structured products to establish a synthetic fixed income using options.

  • YieldFort utilizes classic trading strategies such as protected iron condors or butterflies, using options exchanges like Deribit and deltatheta.

  • YieldFort offers two options for placing funds: one without capital protection and one with capital protection. Each option offers a different annual return rate.

  • Investing in YieldFort involves several risks, including market risk, counterparty risk, regulatory risk, the risk of permanent loss, and operational risk.

  • You can begin by registering on the YieldFort platform. Once your application is approved, you can start investing as per the available options.

  • In the capital-protected strategy, you do not lose in dollar terms if the Bitcoin(Ethereum) exchange rate falls relative to USDT. In fact, the amount of BTC(ETH) in your account increases.

  • The returns are calculated on an annual basis. For instance, if you invest 1 Bitcoin, after one week, you receive 1 Bitcoin (1 Ethereum) plus the annual return rate divided by 52 weeks.

  • With the capital protection strategy, if the Bitcoin(Ethereum) exchange rate falls, YieldFort compensates for the exchange rate difference, ensuring that you do not suffer a loss in dollar terms.

  • You can submit a withdrawal request at any time, but the withdrawal will be processed on the nearest Friday.

  • Every strategy operates on a weekly basis, opened and closed every Friday. By default, your strategy is automatically prolonged, but you can change this setting in your personal account.

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