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Structured products for crypto holders:

Fixed yield and capital protection

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Structured products

  • Product Ethereum

    • Fixed-yield product specifically designed for Ethereum holders

    • Weekly extension options tailored to your investment needs

    • Choice of options with or without capital protection

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  • Product Bitcoin

    • Enjoy fixed returns with our product crafted for Bitcoin holders

    • Opt for weekly renewals to align with your investment timeline

    • Choose between offerings with or without capital protection

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Options are the foundation of financial engineering, allowing for the creation of various synthetic financial assets. At Yieldfort, we utilize options strategies to develop fixed-income products, such as transforming the iron condor strategy into a synthetic bond. This innovative approach provides investors with simplified access to diverse fixed-income solutions.

Option strategy
  • Problem

    Crypto holders face volatility and uncertainty, lacking fixed yield investment options and capital protection.

  • Solution

    Yieldfort provides a groundbreaking platform, offering fixed yield investment solutions and capital protection for crypto holders, revolutionizing the DeFi space

Product features

  • Reliable

    We concentrate on structured products with fixed yield and optional capital protection, ensuring predictable returns.

  • Regulated

    As a regulated entity, we ensure compliance with the appropriate legislation, providing a trustworthy and secure investment environment

  • Refined

    Our platform offers a streamlined and intuitive interface, ensuring simple and efficient navigation for all users, regardless of their investment experience.

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