The rubric: "What if?" - Expiry 19 January 2024 - YieldFort

The rubric: “What if?” – Expiry 19 January 2024

The rubric: “What if?” – Expiry 19 January 2024

What everyone has been waiting for and discussing in the crypto community for so long has happened – Bitcoin ETFs have been accepted. In the current realities of the world, this event, which was more like a circus, no longer seems to be something extraordinary.

Even after fake Twitter posts on the regulator’s account (fake “ETF approval”). And in general, everything went according to the plan that we have discussed many times in the chat and on the streams – at the moment the price of Bitcoin before the approval of the ETF and at the time of approval reached almost $49,000, and then, expectedly, the price slipped to $40,600 by the end of the week.

Despite the Bitcoin correction, which we repeatedly warned about, some altcoins opened their alt season. Leaders of the week in terms of growth: BNB, DYDX. But BONK, SEI, SUI and others, who were actively growing last week, went into the expected correction (“profit taking”).

In the current price realities, Bitcoin is at the lower boundary of the price range, which it entered in early December last year. Apparently, in the coming weeks will decide the further fate of the price. A more global correction, which is expected by many analysts, could reduce the price by another 20-30% from current positions. In order to protect capital from a sharp drop in asset value, investors are best not to rely only on luck, but to protect their funds now 👇

BUY a protective product with 0.1% APR. Why should you buy it now? Because by buying now, you are buying insurance that your investment will not go down in a sharp market move downwards, especially if you are trading with shoulders.

Below is a weekly retrospective review of the potential returns from possible participation in structured products from 💻

Two products launched:

💲 5.5 % fixed return.

No matter what the price of BTC or ETH is, you are guaranteed to get 5.5% per annum in BTC/ETH.

💲 BTC/ETH capital protection

The greater the movement in the price of the coins, the greater the return in $.

For example, if when you invested BTC or ETH on August 25, 2023 (platform launch), you would have received a return (in % APR) at the current moment on January 19:

💎 for BTC +46.79%

💎 for ETH +86.50%

👇️ Annualised returns by week on the chart 👇

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