The rubric: "What if?" - Expiry 22 December 2023 - YieldFort

The rubric: “What if?” – Expiry 22 December 2023

The rubric: “What if?” – Expiry 22 December 2023

Last week was extremely nervous for many cryptocurrency investors. After Bitcoin’s prolonged growth, the crypto market went into correction.

Last week started with a sharp drop in price from $42,200 to $40,540, touching again the support boundary from which the price bounced 2 weeks ago. This time too, the Bitcoin price bounced back from a two-week drop, almost making it to the highs to $44,400.

Altcoins mostly followed Bitcoin, also losing up to 15% on average at first, but later also rebounding. At the same time, some rose in price to the high prices of May this year. Solana, Binance Coin, SEI grew the most.

The reason for the positivity is the same background and rumors about the imminent adoption of ETFs. Now there is even “insider” information about the adoption date – 10 January 2024. So most likely before the New Year, as many analysts believe, the market is waiting for a Christmas rally and new high prices. And a little later a correction is possible, in which the market may go down by 20-30%, as we have long discussed with you on the streamers and in the chat. In order not to get a “surprise” in the form of a sharp drop in the value of their assets, it is best for investors not to rely on luck and protect their funds now 👇

BUY a protective product with 0.1% APR. Why should you buy it now? Because by buying now, you are buying insurance that your investment will not go down in a sharp market move downwards, especially if you are trading with shoulders.

Below is a weekly retrospective review of the potential returns from possible participation in structured products from 💻

Two products launched:

💲 5.5 % fixed return.

No matter what the price of BTC or ETH is, you are guaranteed to get 5.5% per annum in BTC/ETH.

💲 BTC/ETH capital protection

The greater the movement in the price of the coins, the greater the return in $.

For example, if when you invested BTC or ETH on August 25 (platform launch), you would have received a return (in % APR) at the current moment on December 22:

💎 for BTC +14.44%

💎 for ETH +72.36%

👇️ Annualised returns by week on the chart 👇


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