The rubric: "What if?" - Expiry 17 November 2023 - YieldFort

The rubric: “What if?” – Expiry 17 November 2023

The rubric: “What if?” – Expiry 17 November 2023

“What if… the correction continues?” 😮 What many warned about is gradually being fulfilled in the form of a crypto market crash scenario.

During the week, the price of Bitcoin decreased by more than 0.68%, and the price of Ethereum fell by 6%. Index settlement prices for structured products totaled $36265 for BTC and 1974 for ETH.

In less than a week Bitcoin tried to cross the $38,000 threshold on positive rumors of an ETF decision. But the rumors were more like “throw-ins”, so the market didn’t have enough positivity for a long time. At the same time, some altcoins from the top 10, such as Solana, surprised investors with excellent dynamic growth in week 3. Altcoin season is looming somewhere, but with the negative dynamics of major cryptocurrencies, altcoins are unlikely to grow massively, rather selectively.

Many analysts continue to be wary of the market and are waiting for a correction. The market needs to cool down. But nobody knows for sure how long to wait for this correction. But you should protect your funds now 👇

BUY a protective product with 0.1% annual interest rate. Why should you buy it now? Because by buying now, you are buying insurance that your investment will not go down when the market moves sharply downwards, especially if you are trading with shoulders.

Below is a weekly retrospective review of the potential returns from possible participation in structured products from 💻

Two products launched:

💲 5.5 % fixed return.

No matter what the price of BTC or ETH is, you are guaranteed to get 5.5% per annum in BTC/ETH.

💲 BTC/ETH capital protection

The greater the movement in the price of the coins, the greater the return in $.

For example, if when you invested BTC or ETH on 25 August (platform launch), you would have received a return (in % APR) at the current moment on 17 November:

💎 for BTC +11.67% (for the week +0.68%)

💎 for ETH +83.26% (for the week +6.25%)

👇️ Annualised returns by week on the chart 👇

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