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The rubric: “What if?” – Expiry 8 December 2023

The rubric: “What if?” – Expiry 8 December 2023

⚡️ “What if… a correction is near?” 😮 The ongoing rally in the crypto market is looking more and more like the famous Christmassy stock market rally. Bitcoin on Monday, with a sharp move from $40,000 to $42,000, set the vector of price movement for the whole week, in a moment reaching the next annual high price of $44,488 on Tuesday.

Following Bitcoin, near the end of the week, Efirium also began to grow, with its high price for the year reaching $2,300, essentially kicking off the alt season.

But many analysts do not share the market’s euphoria, and are still leaning towards a negative market scenario, expecting a correction in the near future. Jamie Coutts from Bloomberg Intelligence believes that “Bitcoin is entering the “faith” zone, and it is at this point that price pullbacks of 25-30% may begin to appear on a regular basis. And although there are many important events ahead – December Fed meeting, possible January ETF approvals, it is best not to rely on luck and protect your funds now 👇

BUY a protective product with 0.1% APR. Why should you buy it now? Because by buying now, you are buying insurance that your investment will not go down in a sharp market move downwards, especially if you are trading with shoulders.

Below is a weekly retrospective review of the potential returns from possible participation in structured products from 💻

Two products launched:

💲 5.5 % fixed return.

No matter what the price of BTC or ETH is, you are guaranteed to get 5.5% per annum in BTC/ETH.

💲 BTC/ETH capital protection

The greater the movement in the price of the coins, the greater the return in $.

For example, if when you invested BTC or ETH on August 25 (platform launch), you would have received a return (in % APR) at the current moment on December 8:

💎 for BTC +9.33%

💎 for ETH +65.89%

👇️ Annualised returns by week on the chart 👇

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